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One of our experienced residents said it was the best art program we’ve ever had at the Mulberry so thank you!

Emma Anderson - Active Living Manager -  PARC

...I would highly recommend Sean to anyone looking for an informative and engaging presentation on art history. Everyone in our audience stayed engaged during the whole 1 hour presentation and Sean was happy to stay back afterwards and answer questions. He was very friendly, well prepared, well-spoken and knowledgeable and we would welcome him back anytime.

Nedra Bergmann (Activities Manager at Shannon Oaks)

The tenants enjoyed the presentation very much. It was greatly appreciated by all.

Recreation Coordinator
Honoria Conway: St. Vincent's Heather

I can now appreciate the artist's use of colour and brush strokes to depict his idea of the subject. I loved every minute of it!

PARC Retirement Living resident

It was a very interesting class, and it expanded my abilities greatly. I had a lot of fun in it.

UBC AHVA Student

I knew nothing about art before, so found the presentation great - many thanks!

PARC Retirement Living resident

Sean is very knowledgeable, he gave great lectures and is very passionate about what he does.​

UBC AHVA Student

Various techniques/skills are presented in a way that is easily understood. Sean is relaxed and well spoken. His use of examples is very helpful in trying to understand the concept at hand.

Kwantlen FINA student

Very encouraging instructor, open minded, calm + positive

ECUAD Foundation student